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Log in Information In order to access MyAACPS-PD (ERO), AACPS employees will sign in using their Network Log-in ID (e.g., jdoe) and pin number.

Please note the following update on pin numbers (effective 10/28/15)

  • The PIN field must be a minimum of 4 digits and no more than 9 digits.
  • If a MyAACPS-PD user previously had a pin that was less than 4 digits, leading zeroes have been added to create a 4 digit pin.  For example, if a pin was previously 37, it is now 0037.  If a pin was 632, it is now 0632.
  • If any PIN greater than 4 digits had leading zeroes, they have been removed.  For example, a pin of 00987476 is now 987476.
  • Leading zeroes are only allowed for pins less than 4 digits.

If you Forgot your MyAACPS-PD (ERO) log-in Information

  1. Click on FORGOT YOUR PIN? (under where your user ID and PIN are entered). Enter your Network ID (e.g., jdoe) as your ID.
  2. Click on Email PIN (your PIN number will be emailed to your Outlook account).
  3. To use ERO: Your user ID = Network ID (e.g., jdoe), enter your MyAACPS-PD pin number.  Our organization ID is 29481.

New Hires to AACPS  will obtain access to MyAACPS-PD (ERO) approximately two weeks after the first day they report to their school/work location. To create your MyAACPS-PD PIN, new users should:

  1. Click on DON'T HAVE A PIN? under the login area.
  2. Enter your Network ID (e.g., jdoe)
  3. Create your PIN (numbers only) as prompted. Click submit. NOTE: If ERO does NOT "take" your information, then your ERO profile has not been created yet. Please be patient and try again after a few days.
  4. Our organization ID is 29481.

Non-AACPS and Non-Permanent Employees can use 1234 as their User ID and PIN to view MyAACPS-PD course information.  Note: You will not be able to register for courses on MyAACPS-PD. 

Follow the guidelines in the following link to register for courses:    



Attention all staff of Contract/Charter Schools: Prior to registering for any session through MyAACPS-PD, please seek approval from your principal to determine stipend payment. As per the charter/contract school agreement, the charter/contract school is responsible for paying staff to attend sessions if a stipend is provided for participation and if the session is non-grant funded. For sessions in which participants are paid from Federal grant funds (Title I, Title II, Title III etc.) the staff will be paid to attend just like any other AACPS employee.

Calendar Feature on MyAACPS-PD: You can EXPORT the classes for which you are currently registered from MyAACPS-PD to your Outlook calendar. Follow the directions below:

  1. Log into MyAACPS-PD (ERO).
  2. Click on the tab, MY SCHEDULE.
  3. In the top right hand corner, click on the green EXPORT CALENDAR icon.
  4. On the next screen, click OPEN.
  5. Click Save and Close on the top left corner.  This will record the title, time, and location of the event on your Outlook Calendar.    

Please direct questions about MyAACPS-PD or professional development in general to PGD@aacps.org.

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